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Title: iRiver H120 Battery Problem
Post by: Alexffc on April 03, 2007, 02:16:03 PM

I've had my iRiver H120 for about a year now and in the last few months I've noticed a problem with my battery and just wondering if it's just a battery getting old or something else.

The problem is - I'll charge the player up and everything is fine and I'll use it for a few hours for two days in a row. At the end of that I'll turn the player off with about 40-60% battery life.

The next day I come to use it I'll switch the player on and it will flash 0% life left. At this point the flashing 0% will rise slowly to 40-60% after about 5 minutes or say that the battery needs charging after about 5 seconds and switches off - even though the last reading it gave the day before was 40-60% life left.

Now I've noticed that whenever the player gives a voltage reading of anything under 3.80V on boot the player will ask to be recharged.

What I've found though is that if I plug the player into my computer and turn it on, delaying the boot process, this gives it a bit of a chance for the voltage to rise and thus when I remove it from the computer the battery life will start at about 20% and then rise to whatever it was when I was playing it fine last time.

This has been happening with all the builds for the past few months and I'm currently using a build from a few days ago, so I don't think it's a code problem.

So I'm just wondering whether this normally happens when a battery is on the way out, or maybe it's a loose connection or something.

Sorry for the long post, thanks in advance for any advice.

Title: Re: iRiver H120 Battery Problem
Post by: GodEater on April 04, 2007, 03:03:38 AM
Sounds exactly like your battery has more or less had it.

Buy an replacement 1st or 2nd Gen iPod battery, reverse the connector on it, and fit that instead. There's a guide for how to do this over on the misticriver forums.

I did it a while back now and replaced the original iRiver battery (1300mah) with a shiny new 2200mah battery and get nearly 40 hours playback now!