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Title: Some questions regarding installation and gigabeat firmware
Post by: Bisdale on February 28, 2007, 01:10:17 AM
Hi, first of all I would like to say Hi (this is my first post). This site looks great and is what I have been looking for, for a long time (since I bought my gigabeat a year ago). I have been frustrated with the software on my gigabeat, now more than ever.

I hope this is the correct forum to be posting in. (I know how annoying it is when people can't stick follow forum rules as a moderator =P)

Gigabeat Model: F20
Problem: When I upgraded my gigabeat firmware from 2.2 or something to 3.0 I was unable to copy music to my gigabeat. I kept getting an error 'an error occurred in copying or moving to gigabeat'. This raged the hell out of me, I tried everything from re-installing gigabeat room, reinstalling the firmware and trying this on multiple computers. Then today when I turned the power off on my gigabeat and turn it back on I get this error (on my gigabeat not my computer) 'NO SYSTEM FOUND ON HDD'. So I googled Gigabeat firmware files and I find this website. I see that you provide an alternative operating system to the le-crap software on gigabeat that had been raging me for the last year.

I followed the instructions analy but I still get the same error 'NO SYSTEM FOUND ON HDD' when I boot. Possibly my original firmware files are currupt?

If so... can someone please help me find a solution? I really like the look of Rock box and I would love to use it on my gigabeat along with the mpeg plugin which would make my day. If anyone could provide me with assistance or the original gigabeat firmware files I would really really gratefull.

Thankyou for your time,

P.S. If you have msn or AIM and would be prepared to help me through either you can add me.
AIM: Bisdale

Once again, thanks.
Title: Re: Some questions regarding installation and gigabeat firmware
Post by: saratoga on February 28, 2007, 01:30:37 AM
This forum is for problems installing Rockbox, not tech support for Toshiba's software.  If you're having trouble, I'd suggest their tech support, or failing that, theres probably forums on the internet for this sort of thing.  

If you decide to install Rockbox, and run into problems getting it running, feel free to post a new thread here.
Title: Re: Some questions regarding installation and gigabeat firmware
Post by: Llorean on February 28, 2007, 03:15:33 AM
It looks like he was trying to install Rockbox, but made it unclear in his post, since he asked about both, and the Rockbox bit was rather vaguely about it (I'm assuming the instructions he followed means our install instructions).

Simply put though, our instructions are from a working Gigabeat. There is a on our install page ( ) which contains dummy files for the original system files. That will remove the ability to restore the original firmware easily (you'll have to have a backup copy on your PC of the original GBSYSTEM folder, which sounds like it may be corrupt already). If overwriting the GBSYSTEM folder and installing Rockbox does not resolve your problem, you'll have to go to Toshiba.

But this forum is very emphatically not about technical support for the original firmware.
Title: Re: Some questions regarding installation and gigabeat firmware
Post by: Phalangees on March 03, 2007, 03:51:05 PM

That link gives you step by step instructions on how to be able to access your gigabeat through usb (with or without rockbox). It sounds like you somehow erased your firmware so your gigabeat is freaking out. I've had it happen too (also before and after rockbox).