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Title: some suggestion, questions...
Post by: year98 on January 19, 2007, 08:05:29 PM
hi, rockbox user! I have used rockbox for 3~4 months.
I would like to say "thank you" rockbox developers...
But we cannot expect anything like perfection.
there are doubtable(?) ones as ever.

1. Equalizer - I think Graphical, simple, adbanced EQ are all the same. These have different menus in some aspects, but their functions are just same. What about uniting them to one? Then, if "real" graphical EQ is added, Equalizer can be more efficient.

2. Radio - When scanning frequency, if left-right button is clicked, scanning is going on to the other direction... rather than, could stop scanning good? long press -> scan, short press -> stop. I think this is reasonable.

3. Favorite - Now favorite plugin and menu is deleted. I'm sorry about that... Surely, I know Playlist Catalogue can replace that. But problem is about "convenience". Just two clicks vs. 5~7 clicks. which one is more efficient? Lately I seldom used make own playlist. How are all your thoughts about my opinion?

4. Create Playist - This menu is showed up via Playlist Options. then we can see Plalist, Playlist Catalogue with long-navi button. hmm... Create Playlist can be mixed into that menu.

5. Anti-Overcharging, Text Viewer(too slow, buggy) - Just waiting... Merely, i want to assure that these are very essential features to be added...

Sorry for my rudeness... (because of my poor English. ;))
Everyone, be happy~