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Title: RockBox carefully installed on 4th gen iPod, messes it up !? :(
Post by: MarkGaleck on January 11, 2007, 11:37:45 AM
Hello, I have carefully followed the instructions to install RockBox on my 4th gen iPod.  There is something wrong though, because RockBox does not work, and it messes up the iPod too - details follow.  I RTFMd, searched the forums for similar symptoms, reset and restored the iPod to latest original Apple firmware from their website, then reinstalled RockBox again, with today's daily build, which is later, not the same,  than the previous one.  Same problem.  iPod with Apple firmware works perfectly, then I carefully follow RockBox installation instructions, and iPod is messed up.  If anybody knows why that could be, please tell me.  Thank you!

OK, here is what happens after I install, no songs copied yet, I just install RockBox, reset iPod, and...

First I see the RockBox small font, 1 line on top, and also a big picture of a USB connector.  That disappears quickly, and I see the Apple picture, saying "Do not disconnect" (the iPod is not connected to anything), that disappears, then I see the Apple picture "OK to disconnect".  That stays.  No way to get to Rockbox and play anything.  

When I try to reboot into original Apple firmware (which previously worked perfectly before installing Rockbox), there are some hickups.  The player plays, but it displays "charging" logo all the time, as if it was charging (but its not).  It also lights up its screen all the time, even after it goes to sleep after few minutes idle.  The screen blinks black for a moment every few seconds, then it goes back up lighted again.  

Final problem is when I try to uninstall RockBox according to instructions, it does not work - Rockbox still tries to start up as above.  The only way to uninstall, is to restore iPod with the firmware from Apple web site.  

(I did have Rockbox installed previously on this iPod and it did work - modulo periodic hangups, due to the software which is I guess still a bit buggy - but that's OK - then one sunny day recently, this started happening, I reinstalled RockBox twice, restored iPod etc, still RockBox does not work anymore).