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Title: x5L hard disk failure
Post by: geofs on November 28, 2006, 07:54:29 AM
hi everybody,

i just bought a new iaudio x5l and installed rockbox on it.  I was impressed with the capabilities! it's really a great firmware. i was able to browse through menus, copy about 3GB of files on it, play some .ogg, play sokoban, run a few demos and record a 30 sec file without problem.

but after a few hours, i tried to install a few themes.  I put the .zip on the drive and uncompressed them.  They were installed properly.  I then chose a different theme, restarted the x5 and was unable to boot since then.  The disk makes a "clok clok clok trrtrr" noise, just like a failling hard drive.  both linux and windows give me signs of I/O errors.

I was very careful and the x5 didn't receive any shock...  So I would like to know if Rockbox could be the cause of the problem or if the stuff was shipped with a faulty drive.   :'(  I was unable to uninstall RB and restore the original firmware.  I plan to send the unit back for a refund by the end of the week but i'm afraid they argue about the firmware change.

So what could I do?  Can you give me some advice?
Title: Re: x5L hard disk failure
Post by: Multiplex on November 28, 2006, 08:16:20 AM
I don't have an iAudio but I did have a similar 'problem' with my iRiver once - I'd been playing so much with stuff that I'd run the battery flat - too flat to spin up the HDD.

In normal operation (playing music) the HDD spins very little, but loading files etc can keep it spinning (and using up the battery) for a long time.

A few hours on charge and all was well again - (well I think I might have had to run check disk or re-format the drive).

I hope the same works for you
Title: Re: x5L hard disk failure
Post by: geofs on November 28, 2006, 08:32:43 AM
Thanks for your answer.

My battery is 100% charged. I'll try to reformat the drive at home (insufficent rights here at work).

I think i'll also try to run a "badblocks -w" on linux.

i already tried a "badblocks".  it was very slow but showed not bad blocks (i didn't let it complete).  So perhaps it's a problem with the usb interface/cable, etc.
Title: Re: x5L hard disk failure
Post by: geofs on November 29, 2006, 03:27:11 AM
More information about my problem:

I installed the nightly build from 2006/11/22.  Could someone @ rockbox team try it on an iaudio x5, repeat the few steps described in my first post and see if they have the same problem?

I tried to format the drive yesterday evening, with bad blocks verification enabled.  It was not finished this morning but it showed a _lot_ of bad blocks.  It's very strange, how can a drive fail like that? the bad blocks start ~ at block 30400 and every 128 block fails.

The regularity of these bad blocks seems very strange, i think it could be a problem with USB, perhaps the cable or the way rockbox handles USB (but i remember reading somewhere that it was handled by hardware?).

If i had money to waste (~€370), i'd buy an adapter, open the x5 and try the disk on a real PC, but i don't want to loose my warranty.

Now, I just want to remove the bootloader and restore original firmware so I can return the unit to the shop.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Title: Re: x5L hard disk failure
Post by: LinusN on November 29, 2006, 04:13:31 AM
I doubt that anything else but the hard drive is at fault, especially since the drive was making noises.

And no, Rockbox is not involved in the USB transfers.
Title: Re: x5L hard disk failure
Post by: geofs on November 30, 2006, 05:23:41 AM
Ok, i'll just return the player.  Thanks.