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Title: I think I have a bad Hard Drive
Post by: teefs on November 12, 2006, 04:59:23 PM
I got an Iriver H120 about a week ago.
The day I got it I went and recorded a show. taped the whole show (2.5 hrs) and when the show was done hit stop. Unit froze. So I took it home and let the battery run out.(thinking now I should have reset the thing). So for a few days I messed with it and it was freezing up all the time. Let Wed pass and did not do anything. Thurday last week it was still doing the same thing. So Friday I updated the firmware. No more freezing.
BUT NOW, I am getting "disc full error" all the time. There is nothing on the unit. I have done the scan disc under info. I am running tests on it now. It has gone for 3 mins then giving me the error. Right now it is going for 13mins.

can anyone help?


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