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Title: Recording on H120 - Glitch fixed as of build??
Post by: Phobia on September 19, 2006, 11:53:10 AM
Hi all,

Just wondering when the recording "glitch" or "click" or "dropped sample" issue was fixed in Rockbox for the H120?

I was recording with an older build (6 months old) from FM and experienced the glitch.  I then upgraded to the latest CVS build and the glitch was also still there.

I deleted my .rockbox folder, and installed fresh... glitch was still there.

I then installed the build from Mmmm's "Recording Enhancement" thread, and the glitch seems to have gone.

I also experienced tremendous instability with the latest CVS, but things seemed much better with the "enhanced" version.  No crashes etc..

Is the glitch not fixed as of yet in CVS, so one needs the "enhanced" for recording version?  The wiki just says that the glitch is fixed...

Also... what was the issue in the end?  Something to do with the processor's boosted/not boosted state?  I observed the glitch in action as I was recording to .WAV from FM and when the HDD spun up, I heard the click through the headphones, and it was there in the recording too.

The glitch happened with and without the remote connected.

Anyways... maybe it was just a bit of a weird configuration issue between the build I was using previously and the current CVS... I really don't know.

Thanks again to all for this wonderful firmware... now that I can record to MP3/WV I'm thrilled!

-- Phob