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Title: Rockbox on 6G iPod Classic questions (PC noob)
Post by: rashimkavel7 on August 01, 2020, 11:23:43 AM
Hey guys. I'm considering replacing the hard drive in my dead 160 GB iPod Classic and want to be sure I'll be able to do everything as I'm imagining it.

First, I want to buy a Tarkan iFlash adapter so that I can use SD cards. My understanding is that the 6th gen 160 has a software limitation of 128GB, and that if I want to get past that I'll have to install Rockbox.

So first question is, is that all doable with what I have?

Second, how do I install Rockbox? I've found a few tutorials, but here and there I see special mention about the iPod I have, and needing something called emCore. ( vshare (

So as a guy who's really not nuts and bolts computer literate, is installing Rockbox easy? Like, can I just download a program, click a few buttons, and have it in there? I'm on Windows 10, by the way.

Final question for now - is Rockbox stable in its current form? I ask because I'm not always running programs and hardware that is cutting edge. If I install Rockbox tomorrow and never update it again, will I always be able to use it?

Title: Re: Rockbox on 6G iPod Classic questions (PC noob)
Post by: saratoga on August 01, 2020, 11:53:25 AM
The 160GB iPods are not limited to 128 GB, although some of the smaller ones are in the apple firmware. The iflash adapters don't work very well with rockbox, so using the apple firmware might be better.
Title: Re: Rockbox on 6G iPod Classic questions (PC noob)
Post by: philden on August 02, 2020, 06:51:39 PM
I would first consult the iFlash compatibility chart to find the exact limitations of your model -

Then think about how many songs you want on your iPod and in what format. This will tell you how close to any limits you will get. For example, I have a last model iPod Classic, what some people call the 7th gen. It was originally a 160GB, and now has an iQuad adapter with 3x400GB cards. This gives a usable capacity of close to 1TB. I use Apple Lossless files, and it is nearly full with around 49,500 songs. It works perfectly with the Apple OS and I haven't tried Rockbox on it. It is Mac formatted so this would be a big job.

If you are a PC user you can easily install Rockbox on an iPod Classic, much simpler than other platforms. I ended up setting up a Windows 10 installation just to install Rockbox on another iPod. You just run the Rockbox Utility and follow a few prompts.

The Apple OS in your iPod is not going to get updated, so your Rockbox installation should last as long as the hardware.

You can always boot the iPod into the Apple OS, and this is often advisable for copying files.

The choice you will have is whether to make your music files visible to the Apple OS as well as Rockbox. For this you will have, I believe, to use iTunes to copy the files. You then use the Rockbox database function to access the music in Rockbox.