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Title: Creative ZEN V Plus : two resurrections
Post by: rsinklair on May 25, 2020, 12:15:07 PM
I wonder if anyone can remember any reset/special tricks to help me get these working..
I recently found two Zen V Plus's in the cupboard which I bought new about 10 years ago, but have not used for about 6+ years. I ordered a new battery so that I could try and revive them.

With the new battery they appear to power on , the LED comes on , but nothing appears on the display.
If I connect them to my Linux laptop 'lsusb -v' shows them as 'Creative ZEN V Plus' - iInterface = 33 MTP Interface, and they appear in File Manager, and I can read and write MP3 files . So far so good.

Meanwhile the blue LED is flashing slowly (2-3 sec interval) as if charging OK.

If I then connect to my Windows PC I hear the USB connection sound, and see 2 popups in the system tray "Setting up Creative Zen." followed by "Creative Zen ready to go" or similar.

However it never appears in Windows explorer nor USBDeview , and if I download a firmware.exe  from and run it, it says the unit is not connected.

I tried the standard Software reset (holding down Play button while powering on) but no joy.
If I press the Reset button at the side , the blue LED goes off but thats about it.

Anyone got any ideas on what else I can try ?  Is there any way to get a debug connection of some kind on these units ?

I see from the Rockbox wiki that they use a Sigmatel 36xx SoC but looks like never got a Rockbox port.   
Thanks for any tips you can provide!
Just to be clear I am not looking to get Rockbox on them, just get them working again - apologies if slightly off-topic