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Title: iPod Classic battery & charging
Post by: rox on February 17, 2020, 08:14:31 AM

i would like to ask on few things about iPod Classic batteries and charging:

1) what is the original battery capacity on iPod Classic rev. 2008 (thick) and rev. 2009 (slim) models? Is it 450mAh?

2) can i use battery for iPod Classic rev. 2009 (slim) also for iPod Classic rev. 2008 (thick) and vice versa? Or does thick model demands a special thick battery?

3) what brand of alternative battery do you recommend for the replacement of original iPod Classic battery? There many brands on eBay and Amazon, and i almost am sure that many of them they are poor quality.

4) can i charge iPod Classic 160GB rev. 2009 (slim) with 2,4A Apple 12W charger?
Will it charge faster or will iPod take just 1A (1 ampere) from the 12W charger?

Thank you for your replies.
Title: Re: iPod Classic battery & charging
Post by: Frankenpod on February 17, 2020, 05:37:37 PM
1 Can't remember and I don't have my  left-over batteries in front of me and can't be bothered to go look.  Pretty sure you could google it  though.  Slim are lower capacity than thick, obviously.

2 you can't use the thicker battery in the slim case because, not surprisingly, it's too thick to fit.  You might be able to do it the other way round, but I'm not certain the battery cable on the slim battery can reach properly over the larger double-platter drive.

3 I suspect it's just pot luck.

4 I can't remember what the voltages are, but I think the final classic was the last ipod that could charge with firewire.   Which was higher voltage than normal 5V USB charging, maybe that was/is 12V?  Not sure if there's some new thing that applies with lightning connectors, but ipod classics can charge faster with firewire chargers.

  Though I think higher charging voltages mean shorter overall battery life.
Title: Re: iPod Classic battery & charging
Post by: rox on February 19, 2020, 02:51:03 PM
1) as i remember the original iPod Classic 2008/9 battery capacity was 450mAh. I just wanted to be sure, bit it is seems that nobody can confirm this here;)

2) my question about fitting the battery from thick 2008 model to the slimmer 2009 model was logical, because the thickness of the 2008 model was greater because of the bigger (thicker) HDD. So theoretically it is possible that the battery was the same. But i do not claim that it is like that, i just asked about that;)

3) yeah, i think also. Sadly, all of them they are made in China and it seems that none of those batteries have some licence from the Apple company. But i just asked if there is some model (brand) that is relatively aprroved in good quality.

4) I guess that 2,4A charger will charge iPod Classic but the iPod takes just 1A. I also heard that the latest 2009 model is capable to charge with more amperes. So yeah, it is about to try. But i think that the reason could be also the firmware update (the final one is 2.0.5). Some users reported that at some moment the stronger chargers stopped to work with iPod Classic. I guess that Apple wanted to spread more iPod Touch models with this procedure;)

If the battery and the gear is designed for high capacity charging, then there will be no problem. But how about that with the original iPod Classic battery it is a question.
Title: Re: iPod Classic battery & charging
Post by: Frankenpod on February 19, 2020, 04:59:25 PM
1 having looked at some original batteries I realise that they don't actually say the capacity on them!  The only ones that say anything are after-market ones, and those figures are most likely exaggerated anyway (e.g. one thick one says 700mah...I vaguely recall the original was supposed to be 650mah, maybe?  I only use the super-large 2000mah and above ones these days).  I kind of think those numbers are all made-up anyway, and just assume all batteries the same size of the same tech are roughly the same, and hope for the best.

2 the battery in the ipods does not overlap with the hdd.  So thicker hdd = thicker case needed, so they used the thickest battery they could in each case.

3 I don't know about 'brands' with these things anyway.  Not really any obvious way to know who actually makes any given one.  (Also I wonder if anything sent direct from China could be delayed at the moment, I think they have some problems to deal with?)

4 All I do know is that if an ipod battery is drained, the firewire charger will supply enough power to let the ipod turn on, while the normal usb power will only get you to the 'battery charging' screen.  Plus back in the days of using ssd mods, you kind of had to have a firewire charger to sync to an SSD ipod becuase otherwise it took more power than the battery or USB power alone could supply to sync successfully.  I haven't really paid much attention to time taken to charge, to be honest, sometimes use firewire sometimes USB.
Title: Re: iPod Classic battery & charging
Post by: rox on February 20, 2020, 09:06:47 AM
1) so it is a question how powerful original batteries were at the time (in 2014 when iPod Classic line ended). I know that many producers put "XXXX mAh", but the reality is probably different. Can you tell me your experiences with those exaggerated and super-large batteries/brands? Is there any good one? How long your iPod Classic play the music?

2) ok, so i can not use battery from 2008 model to 2009 iPod Classic model.

3) about the brands of batteries for iPod Classic. It is clear that all of them they are made in China now. But i have noticed the brand called CAMERON SINO. They offer 12-month warranty (normally companies offer 6-month warranty here in the EU). For iPod Classic 2009 they have 450 mAh Li-Pol model here:
The capacity seems realistic, and i guess that at least some brand is better than no name brand. The 12-month warranty sounds interesting. So i am considering this CS battery.

4) yes, it was the Rockbox issue at the time - charging with USB. My Rockboxed iPod has no problem with USB but chraging is without a screen (i do not know how about this now with new updates), and when i charging iPod from PC USB with 1A, i can play the music too.

FireWire? Well, i used it years ago;) How many amperes FireWire interface offers? Can you let me know what FireWire charger do you use?

So it is about to try what chargers with higher amperes work with the latest iPod Classic 160GB 2009 (i have 2.0.4 firmware, so not the latest one 2.0.5). But i think it is still about the firmware (and the cables too;) of the iPod and the battery (i guess that all modern batteries allowing fast-charge mode). Maybe fast-charge is impossible with iPod Classic. So if so, i will continue to charge my iPod with safe 1A;)