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Title: this is a good bye or just a thank you...
Post by: chromo23 on August 22, 2019, 02:14:54 PM
Not so long ago i lost my beloved sansa fuze. It was the the third mp3 player i possed. and it was in terms of size and usability the best i ever had. (My first one was a iriver H300 and after that a iPod color).
And the only reason i can say that is because there is this wonderful project.
I always chose my players because of the „rockboxability“.
And rockbox was the first software project i donated money for because it filled the gap of usability so nicely. When i look at recent players or better music-apps i fear that the era of „easy to use and with real buttons so that i can use it without looking or accidently pressing something else“ is over since there are no new devices that meet my needs (and a Sansa fuze is hard to find these days).
For me touch controls or a smartphone are no real alternatives! And anyway listening to music without rockbox is only half the fun  ;)

So i wanted to thank all of the good people that are/where involved in this project for the good work, the dedication and all the time that where invested to make this possible


a loyal rockbox-user
Title: Re: this is a good bye or just a thank you...
Post by: burkjavier on August 22, 2019, 06:42:58 PM
Just buy a used Fuze.   :)

I actually have a small collection of DAP's...I realized a few years back that it's just something I like to do and several of them are Rockboxable.   Also enjoy futzing with the hardware to see just how far I can take it ie. mSATA And m.2 drives recently.

It's fun and the software is great.  And honestly, when I just want to ignore the smartphone and concentrate on the music for a short time, nothing beats a dedicated DAP.