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Title: Resuming multiple playlists
Post by: arianero on October 02, 2018, 06:34:05 PM
Hello, I am using rockbox for a while and I still do not know how to resume my progress within directory / playlist... When I am listening something from a single directory (it is audiobook so order of mp3 files is important) I can always return to it by 'Resume Playback' but when I turn on music from different directory I lose my audiobook progress. I thought that I could resolve this issue by using playlist. I read a bit about it in manual, created playlists but still did not find the way how to save my progress before listening something else. Could somebody help me with this? Thanks in advance
(My device is Sansa Clip+)
Title: Re: Resuming multiple playlists
Post by: johnb on October 03, 2018, 05:27:49 AM
Bookmarks is what you want to use.

Add those lines to .rockbox/config.cfg:

autocreate bookmarks: recent only - on
autoupdate bookmarks: on
autoload bookmarks: ask
use most-recent-bookmarks: unique only

That will maintain a list of 10 recent bookmarks.
Also, while listening to an audiobook, go to the context menu -> Bookmarks->Create Bookmark.
That will create a persistent bookmark, that is being updated with the progress, if you stop playback.