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Title: Bus Error while starting PluginDoom on NWZ-E464
Post by: 50_Cent on July 14, 2018, 08:22:30 AM
The device I am using is Sony NWZ-E464 with the RockBox version 19b2964-180704. When I start PluginDoom the white screen pops up and throws an exception:

Bus error at 40b69100
address 0x00000000

The radio or music will not stop playing but if I press some random keys, device will restart.
It does not matter if I have the .WAD files in the folder or do not. Any ideas on how can I run it?
P.S. I recently found out that both XWorld and md5sum plugins can not be executed also. But instead of throwing a fatal error the screen just shows my wallpaper and nothing happens (device just freezes and I can not do anything with it with an exception of doing a reset). It would be nice if I could run those 2 as well.
Big thanks for your kind attention to my problem!