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Title: Sansa Clip Zip - help recovering from boot freeze
Post by: podshedge on May 09, 2017, 07:17:30 AM
Hi Rockbox community! (First post on here)

I got a nice surprise today when I found my Sansa Clip Zip (not +) in what is best described as the 'festering pile of things' in my room, long after I thought I chucked it a long time ago under the impression it was permanently bricked.

It currently doesn't boot/bootloops, first showing the logo with the animation, then proceeds to show a freeze-frame of the logo and remains that way, until I power it down by holding the power button (on top) for ~10 seconds.

It's been far too long (at least 4 years) since I left it in this state, but if memory serves me correctly, it was a result of flashing rockbox (successfully), finding it wasn't the thing for me, and trying to revert to the stock/OF. I was on the fence about picking up a newer DAP, but before that I definitely want to give fixing the Clip Zip a good go (for portability reasons too) first.

Holding the rewind button while powering on results in the same bootloop, and plugging the Clip Zip in at different points in time doesn't seem to make a difference, as my laptop (OS - Arch Linux, though I checked for just any connected devices too independent of it coming up as a drive in a file browser) also didn't detect it.

Any tips/pushes in the right/any direction on how I could restore my Clip Zip (if it's even possible in its current state) would be so greatly appreciated :)