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Title: Ipod Classic last gen unable to uninstall rockbox bootloader
Post by: suntchan on March 30, 2017, 04:08:49 AM
Hello !

I installed rockbox without keeping Apple's firmware and because the recording doesn't work, I would like to have a dual boot to be able to record.

I tried to restore Apple's firmware with Itunes but Rockbox bootloader seems to prevents the completion of the installation (once Itunes tells me that I need to unplug the ipod to finish the installation process) as it boots.

So I tried to uninstall rockbox bootloader with rockbox utility (as explained and restore Apple's firmware. Same problem, rockbox boots eventhough the bootloader is supposed to be uninstalled!

Any idea how I can revert back to Apple's firmware and have a dualboot?

Thank you.