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Title: Ipod Mini 1st Gen: Battery problems with Digigear Ultimate CF Adapter
Post by: tvjpn on September 22, 2016, 10:06:37 PM
  Hi everyone!:

  Recently a friend give me a used ipod mini 1st generation because he is not use anymore, and when i want to use it i realize the mini hard drive is bad because only accept me 600 mb of free space for the 4 gb space that the unit has, trying to fix it, i'm use regenerators or bad sector repair softwares with no success, with these problems, i try to use rockbox installing the stable version with 1 theme, fonts and bootloader, and i'm loading a few mp3 and wma archives to test it, everything works fine excepting the limit space of the bad HDD, the battery is working well (i'm supose the battery is in the middle of use life because the ipod mini looks very used), with these first test's working successful i'm decide to change the bad mini HDD to a SD Card using a SD to CF Adapter trying to extended the life of battery and remplace the unit with more space so i'm decided to buy the DIGIGEAR Ultimate CF Adapter and testing it with a sandisc 8Gb mini SD HC Card with a standard SD Card adapter, well, the mini ipod accept it with no problems installing only the original apple firmware and testing it with a few mp3 files, everything works well, the battery is give me 8 hrs of life with no problems, with the first testings works "ok" is time to installing Rockbox, and now here's starts the problems, the Ipod Mini with SD Card installed on the SD To CF adapter is start to use more battery like the original apple firmware, i'm trying everything to reduce the consumption on the battery (Backlight off, buffer to minimum, no processing audio, no eq, etc...) with no success, i don't know what's happend because the rockbox using the original mini Hard drive of ipod mini is working well with a decent battery consumption (using mechanical parts) and in the SD Card with SD to CF adapter (only solid state memories) the consumption on the battery is two or 3 times more than the mecanical HDD Drive, i hope someone can tell me what to do to make the battery consume less power with the SD Card and the adapter using Rockbox trying to equal the consumption like using the original mini HDD.

Title: Re: Ipod Mini 1st Gen: Battery problems with Digigear Ultimate CF Adapter
Post by: saratoga on September 22, 2016, 10:21:06 PM
Maybe the SD card adapter expects to be powered down differently than the old hard drive?  I can only guess since I have no idea how it works.  Unless you want to reverse engineer the device and figure out what is going wrong, I don't think this would be easy to fix.