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Title: New theme - "Audiobook" - for clip+
Post by: yopyop on August 21, 2015, 06:48:04 PM

I made a theme focused on attractiveness and visibility of elapsed time because I listen to audiobooks for studies and fwd/rew a lot. It took me a long time to make, as I'm not a coder, but also because I just spent a long time on it.

Features unique to this theme (AFAIK)...

- dynamic peak meter and song times
- battery bar doubles as list line
- changed playlist position/total from x/x to xx/xx

I would like to merge the volume and progress bar so it's more seamless looking, and perhaps pause/play/fwd/rew some decent animations - the empty peak meter bar could be merged with some large play-status images for that - instead of what it is now (the flashing bars and lack of fwd/rew).

There is a WPS volume slider you can see it if you look hard enough. I only really check the volume as I'm changing it. The code could have been more simple. Not sure how to reupload.

Oh, and I'm not sure if works with build 3.13, but the description says that. Oops.

Title: Re: New theme - "Audiobook" - for clip+
Post by: KiasMidos on September 03, 2015, 11:46:06 PM
   Hey yopyop I just went and tried out your theme audiobook for the Sansa Clip+ now i would like to say that it didn't work for the stable branch. so what i did was use a dev version 15-07-17 and it works. i tried different audios which were 2 hours long and the play menu changed to fit those numbers really nicely so theirs no problem with that at the moment.
   Also you mentioned you wanted to implement a pause feature but i think its fine without one, also all the features you want to implement like the fwd/rewd would be cool. i tried the volume and it works but it doesn't show the number of decibel levels to increase or decrease but it shows the graphic for it which is good right now. and that's probably all i could find in your theme. that's good and that needs improvement. also i read your theme bio and hell i'm not a coder either but this is a really good theme by far right now.
Title: Re: New theme - "Audiobook" - for clip+
Post by: yopyop on September 07, 2015, 01:55:47 PM
Hi KiasMidos,

That's frustrating that it doesn't work with stable, and even worse that it's advertised as working with stable.
I agree it functions well without a pause symbol. It definitely needs fwd/rew symbols IMO so if possible I will add those. The code is a little rigid to say the least and probably needs a total revamp if I'm too add those things.

Decibel levels could be added for the volume screen but there is no space on the main screen without ruining the "asthetic". I also don't like those themes with 100 things on screen if you know what I mean...
Another thing needs changing is that battery bar does not respond to charging, i just forgot that...easy fix. Also want to add track no/position supported past 99/99 and elapsed time 10 hours and above. 

Thanks for your feedback! I would probably not bother if no one is interested.

P.S. To anyone reading, no idea if there is any way to update...(?) (Must I contact site admins or something?)
Title: Re: New theme - "Audiobook" - for clip+
Post by: KiasMidos on September 24, 2015, 09:14:01 AM
Hey Man No Prob and also yeah you should contact the administrators if you wanna update it, even though this post is post is old by some days i haven't had the chance to say anything cause of work  :D, either way it does need some work but is still stable to use for normal use.