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Title: Problems with virtual keyborad
Post by: Corvus Lusor on August 15, 2015, 01:38:41 PM
I'm not sure it's the right place to post this, but well...

I noticed the character list on the virtual keyboard doesn't wrap well with the default layout. I tried this on the Cowon D2 simulator and the visible part of the keyboard looks like this:
Code: [Select]
ABCDEFG abcdefg !?"
HIJKLMN hijklm 789
OPQRSTU opqrstu 456
YWXYZ., vwxyz.,0123

It's not very logical nor handy but one can cope with that.

On the Sansa clip zip simulator, it looks like this (I give a two-screen wide preview in order to be more explicit):
Code: [Select]
ABCDEFG !?" @#$%OPQRSTU 456 %|{}
+'              /<
HIJKLMN 789 &_()VWXYZ.,0123 ~=[]
-`             *>

And this keyboard is six screens wide. I'm not demanding, but it's a real pain to use this: the characters are scattered with no apparent logic (there is one anyway), and almost half of the place is lost (four lines are available for the keyboard, but the second and the fourth ones are almost wasted.

I then looked for solutions and found it's possible to use a custom keyboard layout. Yipee, I thought, everything will be better! Well, not that much. Once the layout is done and on use... the font used is much wider on the keyboard and the text I type, for example the renaming of a file: when I could display 13 characters before, I now can only display 9 of them only. Why is that?

So, I searched a little and found this (, so this last problem seems to be know, but doesn't seem to have been fixed permanently.

Is there a way to have a correct keyboard displayed with the right not-too-wide font?

Thanks a lot!