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Title: Dircache getting disabled
Post by: dreamlayers on June 07, 2015, 10:02:26 AM
Since upgrading my 5G iPod from 30 GB to 120 GB, I've been occasionally noticing that the hard drive needs to spin up to browse directories. That shouldn't be happening, because dircache is enabled. It only happens occasionally, and I wasn't able to reproduce it now. Going into the dircache debug screen I see: Ready, Size 1302826B, used 100%, limit 5291456B, reserve 0/65536b,
scanning took 13.3s, entry count 22426.

I wonder if this is FS#12216 - Dircache shuts down when closing a file that was opened prior to reloading the dircache (, and user activity during scanning triggers this. Trying this only lengthened the scanning time, up to 52s.

I'm currently running f145660. Have others noticed this behaviour?