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Title: "remaining headroom" display for recording screen
Post by: ulmutul on June 14, 2013, 01:20:46 PM
Hello, since I'm new to the whole rockboxing thing, I've some questions.

The described feature is something I want to have (to be more precise: I want to share :) because it already runs fine on my target/Vibe500), because when recording it's good to not only rely on a peakmeter, but to see the maximum recorded level as an precise value. This makes it easier to level out external equipment or to choose the best gain level of your DAP.
However it's only useful if you have the possibility to manually reset the displayed value.
Besides I redefined "max level" to "remaining headroom" to safe the space for the leading negative sign in dB scale.

What I've done is using the same space as the clipcounter on the recording screen. I added a menu entry for the headroom display. Currently you can activate Headroom display and Clipcounter individually. If both are selected, it works as following: headroom is displayed as long as the clipcounter is 0, otherwise the number of clips are displayed. (BTW I noticed a strange behaviour of the clipcounter: it seems to count at a level far beyond the peakmeter reports clipping... I have to investigate this further)

Now these are my questions: