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Title: tagnavi.config improper interpreting of %format line
Post by: erem on April 26, 2013, 10:22:56 AM
I was tweaking  a bit with tagnavi.config file. One of goals is to modify "Recently played tracks" list in "History" to look like:

album - rating|title - albumartist

Original line looks like:
%format "fmt_lastplayed"  "%06d%s - %s" lastplayed artist title %sort = "inverse" %limit = "99" %strip = "6"

I modified it to:
%format "fmt_lastplayed"  "%06d%s - %1d|%s" lastplayed album rating title %sort = "inverse" %limit = "99" %strip = "6"
and it looks fine on the screen:
album - rating|title

Next step - adding albumartist - and the problem occurs. The line shoul look IMHO like:
%format "fmt_lastplayed"  "%06d%s - %1d|%s - %s" lastplayed album rating title albumartist %sort = "inverse" %limit = "99" %strip = "6"

but system interprets it in unexpected way. On the screen I see (for instance):
lastplayed value is not hidden as should be, and - which is even more surprising - %sort = "inverse" doesn't work.

Tried to modify syntax in many ways - no effect - anything I put in sentence in the fourth group (after second "-". ie. %s, %4.4s, %d with respectively changed tag) makes this effect to show.

I'm stuck. I'll appreciate any help.