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Title: "Stubborn" Vibe 500 Troubleshooting
Post by: Fenix on April 17, 2013, 04:05:49 AM
Hello. I'm not sure where to post this since there seems to be no support whatsoever for the Vibe 500 from PB.

I've been wanting to install rockbox on my Vibe 500, but I quite often have problems with the usb detection (tried both XP and 7). Sometimes it does decide to show up in windows, but in most cases nothing happens when I plug it in.
The battery is probably bad, but it does charge when I plug in either the dc or usb cable. When I unplug it still shows as if it was charging.

Besides these issues it works really well (when it's working  :)).

Is there anything I can do about these issues?

Also, I'm considering swapping the tired old 20gb drive for a compact flash or sd adapter (or maybe one of those cheap Kingspec ssd drives). What's the biggest size the vibe can handle?