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Title: Shuffling All Songs. And want to pickup where I left off last time
Post by: 777funk on October 10, 2012, 05:24:26 PM
I am wanting to shuffle ALL the mp3's on the player (Play All). I've noticed by reading that one way is to add the entire collection to a database.

Is there another way? Not that it's a bad way to do it, but I liked the simplicity of the Sansa's Play All option and with shuffle sellected a little better (two steps and randomly plays all tracks with no playlist). Also if I hit stop (or OFF rather) and turned it on the next day, it left off where I last played it. With RockBox it seems like it starts at the very beginning of the database each time I hit stop. To get it back on again I end up having to select the database again and hit play.

Also, sometimes it says nothing to resume. I'm sure part of this is learning curve to the software... but is there an easier/better way to "play all" Shuffled? I like it when I can just plug and play without much reading on how to do the simpler operations. Not that I can't read... but with a busy life, well... you know. It's nice when things just work.

EDIT: Actually Stop and Restart DOESN'T start back at the beginning of the playlist (it does resume where it left off) so that part is good. BUT if I leave the playlist and go to a different album for a day then come back to random play all, it says "remove database" or something to that effect and I'm back at the beginning again. It'd be nice to not have to go back to track one of the play all playist (essentially starting over again). Is there a way to pickup where I left off in play all, or at least NOT have it as a playlist. That was what I liked about the Sansa firmware, I could go back to Play All and since it wasn't a playlist, it'd not go through the same songs all over again when I returned to Play All after listening to an album.
Title: Re: Shuffling All Songs. And want to pickup where I left off last time
Post by: gevaerts on October 11, 2012, 03:29:01 AM
You miught want to look at bookmarks