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Title: Sorry
Post by: Tamerlan on December 25, 2011, 04:10:51 PM
At first, I apologize for my English and for the fact that this topic may already have.
But all the same.

Help please, I have a Ipod Classic 160Gb 2009, put the RockBox, all the rules, but I want to demolish the standard firmware, but nothing happens, the entire Google searched (
Folder Loader can not find in your Ipod.
Found it yet:
To remove the Rockbox-firmware do the following:
1. We connect iPod to hold when the usb to my computer (then download the original firmware from Apple). This is a button at the top of the player.
2. Run iPodPatcher, press the button «u» and remove the loader.
3. Delete the folder. Rockbox on your player.
All you now have my own firmware.

does not help (
Tell me how to remove it.