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Title: new theme (sansa fuze) (V1.1 done)
Post by: marsrover on November 09, 2011, 11:54:56 AM
I don't know if this has been made before.
I use a sansa fuze V2, and I like the pen&paper theme, but I want it to have album art like the cabbie v2 theme. That's it, just want to put the album art off to the left and keep the info on the right.
_______~~next song

the stuff at the bottom that cabbiev2 has
I think the background might need a bit of re-working to get the stuff to line up right.
Also, the sloppy look of the pen&paper theme is ok, but I like the style of the scribble theme (on the sansa e200)
Can anyone help me? the coding looks a bit hard.

EDIT: by coding I mean set up the theme, I can handle the art.
EDIT2: might try modifying an existing theme.
EDIT3: nope, moding a existing theme doesen't work for me
EDIT4: why hasn't someone made a program that lets you drag stuff around on a screen then spit out a .wps file and then you fill in the blank icon files.
Ok, this went from an idea to a mostly finished product. I have a bit more editing to get the icons right (color wise and all). But here's a picture of it so far. What do you guys think? (
Known bugs include the repeat/shuffle icons not lineing up right and covering the background. (will fix in 1.2)