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Title: no "HD1" found in Menu
Post by: Erasmus on June 19, 2011, 06:36:04 AM
Very carefully I read "How to use a disk >137 GB with Rockbox" 4 or 5 times, before writing. I partitioned my 160 GB disk w/ 136.9 to primary Fat32, did the same for the remaining partition. Formatted both. Partition program makes me chose only one of the two as "active" at a time, so I picked the larger one. Used the  ready-to-go custom BigDisk build from Nov, 2007. But when I turn on my Jukebox 6000, in the Rockbox browser there is no "virtual subdirectory" named <HD1! As a matter of fact, there is no database either. Only five or so choices: files, resume playback, settings, playlists, plugins, system, and shut down. I put 1 song on each partition, and the one on the big partition plays, and its size is reported correctly on the Jukebox. But no trace of the song on the smaller one.  ???What am I doing wrong. Someone please help.

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Someone may be erked, but after reading my choices, I thought I should post this in User Interface, as that's where I can't find my Database or HD1. Perhaps the problem lies elsewhere, but feel free to suggest another location for posting.
Title: Re: no "HD1" found in Menu
Post by: jc on October 07, 2011, 05:54:30 AM
yes, i found that this build doesn't work too.
i've been using the older version for years without problems though.

unfortunately i don't know where to get hold of this now though - i've deleted the files necessary to load it / flash it so i cannot help you out.

i need a full set of the build too as i wish to flash another player.  :(

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use the build from this thread - it works.,28980.0.html