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Title: (Update) 320x240 theme: AF_Squeeze
Post by: AsusFreak on August 19, 2010, 10:45:23 AM

Travelling through Sweden with my netbook let me work on a new theme inspired by Logitech's Squeezebox.

And here's the result.

It's best to use in absolute point mode. All buttons are context sesitive depending on the current screen.

At the moment there's a bug in rockbox: touchscreen areas for scrolling through the menu can not be placed above or under the menu lines. So I had to position them at the right side.

Repeat Mode and Shuffle can be controlled via buttons.

More Information regarding the current track will be displayed by pressing HOLD.

The FM Radio Screen is designed in the same way as the While Playing Screen. If you will use presets the preset list will assist you.

Both battery and volume bars will show their values in a very detailed way (both bars handle more than 20 steps !).

One short click on the house button will lead you to the hotkey feature. If you used some of my themes already then you are familiar with the way integrating the PictureFlow Plugin. Otherwise take a short look to my AF_Flow thread.
One long click will get you to the menu screen.

One small remark:
Rockbox got some problems with the database in the current releases ( ~r27840 at August, 19th 2010). If you have some trouble pressing the FFWD button and nothing happens then it depends on this problem. Go to the PictureFlow Plugin or the file menu and chose another track and it will work again. Older releases (I used r27530 while coding the skin) did work correctly.

So you have to use a current build after the skin break in V3.6.

Cuurent build (> r28614) needed.

Your download is here:

I'm looking forward to your comments  :D
Title: Re: New 320x240 theme: AF_Squeeze
Post by: Poimandres on August 23, 2010, 07:16:55 PM
Great theme any chance on releasing a version for the fuze v2?
Title: Re: (Update) 320x240 theme: AF_Squeeze
Post by: AsusFreak on November 19, 2010, 02:30:39 AM

- FM Signal Strength
- Playlist in Hold Mode
- Bigger touch areas
- some cosmetics

Because of using the new signal strength tag it's necessary to have a CURRENT BUILD. Build V3.7 will not work.