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Title: Crossfading Improvement Needed.
Post by: aherron on August 11, 2010, 11:00:47 PM
I would like to propose an improvement in the crossfading capabilities of Rockbox.  Mariano Lopez wrote a crossfading plug in for Winamp years ago called SqrSoft Advanced Crossfading Output  which I still use today when listening to Winamp.  This plugin does not start the crossfading process until the sound level of the last seconds of the song warrent the crossfade.  This variable length crossfade is tailored for each song, thus makes a better all around crossfade.  See below.

"SqrSoft. Advanced CrossFading v1.7 can crossfade two songs, the one Winamp is playing and the next in the playlist. The crossfade is made by analyzing sound level of the last seconds of the song to determine the best mix point, applying the level envelope curves to the beginning and end of the tracks.You can set different crossfading parameters for normal crossfade on track end and when you skip the track. This includes the mixing length so you can set the mix to 10%, 20%, etc.This plugin includes a Gap Killer that eliminates the silence or any sound bellow the trigger level, this is applied to the start and end of the track.This plugin also includes format converter that gets activated when you try to mix two songs with different bits per sample, sample rate or number of channels."

Can we implement this advanced crossfading algorithm into Rockbox? 
Is anybody else interested in something like this?

Title: Re: Crossfading Improvement Needed.
Post by: elipod on November 23, 2011, 04:08:09 PM
I absolutely agreed with what you are saying.  Sqrsoft has been my only choice with Winamp.  It would be great if Rockbox could implement sqrsoft's into their crossfade.