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Title: Last Touchscreen Press & start in screen
Post by: AsusFreak on March 23, 2010, 05:46:08 AM

I am a fan of this new Last Touchscreen Pressed Tag %Tl.
It's great to display information for a predefined time and get back to normal screen automatically. Code is for example: %?Tl3<%VdA|%VdB>
Nearly all my D2 themes use this tag to realize popup menus or information screens like this:
Code: [Select]
# Define AA dimensions

# Touchscreen Pressed?

#Pressed -> Text is shown

#Not pressed -> Album Art

Now I have a small suggestion.
I normally start my device running automatically into WPS screen (start in screen = WPS).
I expected to get into the WPS and to get a normal screen e.g. showing the Album Art.
But if I take the above .wps and want to start automatically the WPS then the flag for Last Touchscreen Pressed seems to be set to 1 (I expected unset) and the demo text is shown, the configured time runs down but the flag stays set to 1. Only by pressing the touchscreen once the counter starts and after 3 seconds the conditional viewport a (see example above) disappears.
If the startup configuration is changed to "start to screen = menu" and I go manually to WPS by pressing "Resume playback" the flag is set to 1 again but the timer runs correctly and after 3 seconds the conditional viewport disappears.

So maybe it's possible to leave the flag unset when starting into the WPS or at least starting the counter correctly when starting automatically to WPS?