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Title: Fix non-sbs-theme issue
Post by: BdN3504 on February 17, 2010, 07:00:54 AM
In this ( thread a user complains about having to manually reset the sbs settings to load other themes and make them look normal after having selected a theme i created which used sbs. This comes about, because the theme he used after mine didn't have sbs parameters specified in the cfg file.
To prevent this behaviour from occurring, could the wps parser on the theme site check for sbs lines in the cfg file? if there are none, the parser adds these lines to the cfg (if the parser is capable to do that). If the parser is not capable of adding lines to the cfg file, then the user should be informed about the lack of the sbs lines in the cfg. He should be advised which lines to add and then to re-upload the theme.
Is this possible?