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Title: PDF / e-book reader?
Post by: databat on September 29, 2009, 05:15:29 PM
I was just wondering, is anyone else out there interested in reading e-books?  I currently own a Sansa e260.  So far the text viewer has come in handy when grocery shopping.  My wife types the list, I upload it to the Sansa, then off to the grocery store with a clear idea of what I'm gonna get.

However, I also have e-books I like to read.  Unfortunately, I have to convert them to text, and I don't have a way to bookmark my place either.  I guess the simplest thing to do would be to altar the text viewer and/or editor to store bookmarks.  A grand project would either be writing a lightweight pdf reader, or a full blown e-book reader.

What does everyone else think?
Title: Re: PDF / e-book reader?
Post by: saratoga on September 29, 2009, 06:17:18 PM
IIRC theres already a PDF thread in this forum, so no need to start another one.