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Title: I don't know where to start
Post by: genocommand on September 16, 2009, 04:58:24 PM
Alright, I've got a 5.5G 30GB ipod. It is currently in FAT32 and I have a mac.

I'll try and list the problems as they happened, but things keep changing.

When I first tried to use the utility, it couldn't autodetect (it told me that it cannot find a mountpoint).
But thats no problem right? I know what I have. Then I tried to install the bootloader. It told me that it could not open ipod.

The second time I tried bootloader it told me that I have a Macpod which I thought was strange. When did it suddenly change? I check the info on my ipod and it still says MS-DOS. Whatever.

NOW when I try to select the type of ipod it give me a network error for some reason.

And then I tried installing it on a PC.
Problem solved.