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Title: Help with Brickmania level arrays?
Post by: froggyman on August 31, 2009, 01:39:54 PM
I started playing brickmania and loved it, but when I found out that there are only 29 levels that you can play through, I decided that I want to add more levels to the game.

When I opened up brickmania's source file, I quickly discovered that it uses arrays to store the bricks used in the level. I was able to figure out what most of the numbers meant (0x1==purple brick,0x2==red brick, and it continued like this down like it does in the .bmp). I found this to be consistent throughout the levels, so I assumed thats what it corresponds to.

But, after studying some more levels I saw that it added numbers to the end of it like 0x21 or 0x35. I think they might correspond to power ups, and whether or not they break right away.

So, could someone who is familiar with brickmania help me out with what those additions might mean?

EDIT: After playing around with it for a while I was able to figure out the arrays completely. I added a comment where the arrays start on the syntax of it. 5 levels completed :) After I finish 21 levels (to put it at 50) I will post something on the Flyspray.

Please post comments on things that would be wanted as levels, to help me with ideas.