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Title: Difficulty configuring shortcuts
Post by: epithetless on June 25, 2009, 02:45:30 AM
Since I've been spending some time with PictureFlow on my e280 lately, I decided I'd also take a look at Rockbox's Shortcuts functionality to see if I could shorten my navigation to the pictureflow plugin. I'm having some trouble getting the Shortcuts features spelled out in the "Advanced Usage" section of the manual to work, though:

1) When the text in the default "" file is as follows:

#Display last path segments=1

...clicking on the "shortcuts" entry in Rockbox's "Files" menu shows:


Shouldn't it simply show "pictureflow.rock" (with no preceding "demos/")?

2) When I try to provide a custom display name for the PictureFlow entry in "," so that its text is as follows:


...clicking on the "shortcuts" entry in Rockbox's "Files" menu produces an error saying "File /.rockbox/rocks/demos/pictureflow.rock<TAB>PictureFlow no longer exists on disk."

Am I doing something wrong in each of the above cases, or is the manual erroneous?


On a related note, I'm finding that the use of shortcuts in practice isn't nearly as efficient as I had imagined. Whenever I enter the "Files" section of the main menu, I'm always brought to the place in the player's folder structure where I last visited. This means, if I just navigated to a specific song -- say, /My Music/Artist X/Album X/01 - Song X.mp3 -- I am automatically brought to the /My Music/Artist X/Album X folder when I next click on the "Files" entry...and then I have to back-track to the root directory to get to the file.

I realize I can place a .link file in a different directory, but that still doesn't get around the need to do some superfluous navigating to get to it whenever I've been in another folder. Is there perchance a way to have the main menu's "Files" entry always open to the root directory? I haven't been able to find any such feature in my search through the player and manual...

If not (and, well, even if so), I second MarkGuay's suggestion of having "Shortcuts" be an optional main menu entry (i.e. only present when it's in use) -- as he described in his post here ( I suppose I can throw this up in the Feature Ideas forum and see what becomes of it...