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Title: Diskspace???
Post by: Peter on December 09, 2004, 01:42:31 PM
After succesfully replacing the 20Gb hardisk of my Archos Rec.20 for a 60Gb disk, Rockbox can't show me how many space is left on the disk. I can see the right space i used from Windows, but not from within Rockbox. It says (at Menu>>>Info) the disk is 55.7Gb (i'm used to less actual space aposed to the factories info, altough 10% is a lot) but left space is 54.6Gb. I'm shure it has to something arround 35Gb.
Is this a bug?

Title: Re: Diskspace???
Post by: LinusN on December 09, 2004, 03:24:09 PM
Yes, it is a bug in Windows, that doesn't update the FSINFO structure on the disk. You can recalculate the free space by going to the "disk info" menu entry in the debug menu, press right (or +) until you see the free space. Then you press Play.