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Title: iriver iHP-140 "ticking" is back... UPDATE: cause is the mp3 file
Post by: jhebert on April 16, 2009, 09:39:55 AM
This is not *the* solution, but the problem does not appear to be rockbox or my player -- looks like it's the file I was listening to. This was a low bitrate piece of music from a music artist's site as a sampler, and when I adjust the volume level while playing it clicks with each step.

When I went to listen to some other music later that day, it was fine, no clicking involved. 

I wasn't impressed enough with the track to hang onto it... so I'm not sure if this is even something the rockbox developers would want to look at. If so... please email me and I can provide it. If not, thanks for all you do!

original msg below:-----------------------------------------------------------------
I have a 140 with Rockbox r20712-090416 installed.

I do not use the iRiver remote.

When I go to adjust audio level up/down, for every "numeric step" of adjustment, there is a noticeable digital click in the audio playback. I originally thought that perhaps the remote ticking function was involved, but no matter how I set it, the tick remains. This is recent... at least, I have not noticed it before. I enjoy a lot of ambient and quiet music, so it's not something that I'm likely to have overlooked! 

What I wanted to ask is, what can I do to verify this is genuine, and recent (I cannot find older v3.1 or v3.0 releases to try... is there a site for them), and if it appears to be a new bug, how do I go about reporting it appropriately?

Thank you