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Title: Peak meter "skin"/ plug-ins in WPS
Post by: saab_rider on February 24, 2009, 01:49:35 AM
Hello everyone...

I made a WPS for the iRiver H340 back in 2006... I haven't really used the newer versions of Rockbox (still have a build from 2006 on my H340).

So it's been a while... I started reading about new features and stuff... Now I'd like to update my WPS, and maybe port it for other devices.. One thing I'd like to have is a "skinned" peak meter in my wps. I don't know how I can implement such a thing... The ideas that I have are either:
1) I skin the peak meter which was used in the old mono-chrome WPSs (which no one seems to use anymore in the newer graphical WPSs)
2) have a plug-in run in the WPS...

I know nothing about coding/programing. However, I'm not saying I want someone to do this for me. I'm asking if any of the two "options" I mentioned are possible? Maybe you guys have a suggestion?

FYI, I don't want it to be a very advanced or accurate peak meter. I'm trying to get the same effect as seen in the classic show Knight Rider... In my WPS named "Knightbox" I got the same effect by animating a few images... Now I want something that reflects one of the sound bands (is that even the right audio term??), rather than just have a dummy animation during playback.

For example, right now during playback if a track has silence, the "voicebox" still moves, since it's just an animation... I want it to reflect what is actually played... So it would be "silent" when there's silence in the track...

You can see my WPS here (