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Title: Iaudio M5/M3 - Use player while it is charging with the AC-Adapter
Post by: enrique65536 on January 29, 2009, 06:09:18 PM

First of all, sorry for my english. My name is Enrique and I am spanish.

I am a happy IAudio M5 owner, I have been using it for years and I am very satisfied with the device. My battery is almost dead and the only way to keep enjoying my favorite MP3 player is have it pluged to the wall charger while listening to music.

Recently I have a domestic accident with the wall charger and I can't use it anymore, I keep the charger, but the cable is cut-off and I have lost the original mini USB connector from then end of the cable.

I have tried to power my M5 with differents off-brand USB charger without success. Any of then let me play music, the only thing they do is charge the device.

I keep the original wall charger with the cut-off cable without the original mini usb connector, so I solder a new regular mini usb conector to the cable, following the pinout of the mini USB conector. The result is that now I can charge battery, but I can't play music anymore while the device is connected to the AC Adapter, even using the original AC Adaptor with a new mini USB connector!.

I have noticed that there is an extran pin in the mini usb connector. The documentation I have found on the internet talks about this extra pin (pin X) as a ground pin. I am not very fond of Electronic, and asked some friends for help in this problem, they have told me to connect this extra pin to ground or to +5v with a 100K resistor. I have tried without success, even with diferent resistor values (1k, 10k, 100k, 200k 400k).

I need some help, I would be very gratefull if somebody can tell me how to connect the extra pin (pin x) or the proper value for the resistor. I don't mind to buy an equivalent AC Adapter that let me play music while charging, so if you know some model, I would be very gratefull of any information about this.

My AC Charger data are:

AC Adaptor
Model No: SR-0518SP
Input: AC 100-240~, 50/60Hz, 0.25A
Output: DC 5V ---, 1.8A
Seorim Electronics Co Ltd
Made in Korea

Thanks in advance.