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Title: Tagnavi config question for compilation
Post by: Mdkart on January 01, 2009, 02:52:18 PM
Hi all!
I have a small question about tagnavi.
I have already modified some things but I would want when the albumartist is different from the artist (ex: compilation), to have displayed in the tag navigation something like :
(discnumber).tracknumber. Artist | title - m:s

and when there is no need, leeve the format as now  :
(discnumber).tracknumber. Title -m:s

I have tested some things like that :
Code: [Select]
%format "fmt_title"       "%d.%02d. %s | %s" discnum tracknum artist title? albumartist !="" & albumartist != "#artist#" & discnum > "0"
%format "fmt_title"       "%d.%02d. %s - %02d:%02d" discnum tracknum title Lm Ls ? discnum > "0"
%format "fmt_title"       "%02d. %s | %s - %02d:%02d" tracknum artist title Lm Ls ? albumartist !="" & albumartist != "#artist#" & tracknum > "0"
%format "fmt_title"       "%02d. %s - %02d:%02d" tracknum title Lm Ls ? tracknum > "0"
%format "fmt_title"       "%s - %02d:%02d" title Lm Ls
I've also tested with "#artist#" replaced by simply artist but that doesn't works.
I get always always a formating like that:
(discnumber).tracknumber. Artist | title
even if there is no albumartist tag set or if the albumartist is the same than artist.
Is there something wrong in the syntax I used?