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Title: .gb/.gbc missing in file view [SOLVED]
Post by: Visti on December 11, 2008, 08:11:55 AM
Hi guys, I just installed Rockbox and I'm loving it so far, but I want to really test it's capabilities, so I want to try some gameboy roms. Now, I might be missing something obvious here, but rockboy is included in the SVN build, right? And as a viewer it should just pick up on .gbc and .gb in the file view, as far as I understand. I extracted a ROM on my 8gb SDHC (which my player won't handle natively, thank you very much, Rockbox) in a folder called /gameboy. It has a .gb extension, yet nothing shows up in that folder at all in file view.

Do I need to do some extra steps or something? I can't think of what since the file doesn't show up at all, so I can't even "open with" or anything.

I'm currently running a Sansa C240 with a SDHC card, as mentioned.

EDIT: So, wow, this has got to be a stupidity record for me. I accidentally messed with what files were shown in file view and set it to music only. Sorry to be a bother.