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Title: Re: SanDisk Sansa m200 memory mod
Post by: AndaleTheGreat on December 05, 2008, 04:58:32 AM
Well, after reading this topic for a bit I got real excited.
Til I saw this ( picture of m200's memory chip.
I was hoping to see something a little more compatible with a regular memory card (like SD obviously) in the hopes of cuttin a little whole and soldering on a big ole SD in place.

I have a question tho. If I manage to get another, larger Sansa that's busted then is there a process by which I could copy the current firmware onto the new memory?
A problem I'm noticing in your posts is the issue of simply swapping it without knowing why it was broken. More importantly, I've never had problems with mine and have not done any firmware update, I'd like to copy the firmware over (cuz I believe you've agreed its on the memory portion) to the new one. Also, I feel a lot less nervous knowing that if the other memory doesn't work then I can just put mine back