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Title: Wiki Theme Status
Post by: mmadia on September 22, 2008, 09:18:02 PM
This is a new thread, spawned from "Theme repair team wanted."

Help compile a list of known working and known broken themes, in respect to each platform.

In time, [insert name :P] will merge this into a master list.

*edit*  can't double post.... 

I'm going through Sandisk Sansa e200 themes.
Currently, I do not have wiki write access.
Any files that *I* list to be non-working have already been fixed and need to be uploaded.

RT =

Working? : Theme : Location : Platform :
YES   BasicBlackArt   WPS   E200
YES   BasicBlueArt   WPS   E200
YES   bigfont   WPS   E200
YES   BlacknBlue_Glass   WPS   E200
YES   Christmas   WPS   E200
YES   CoolRead2   WPS   E200
YES   Free-State-fixed   WPS   E200   
YES   Pirates3   WPS   E200
YES   PlainSimple176x220   WPS   E200
YES   PlainSimple176x220VP   WPS   E200
YES   Sudan   WPS   E200

YES   Sector   RT   E200
YES   Text   RT   E200

NO   Black_and_Blue   WPS   E200
NO   KratoJetVP   WPS   E200
NO   negicatcher   WPS   E200
NO   RettumBox   WPS   E200
NO   Ultima_176x220_v1.0   WPS   E200

NO   acotil_blues   RT   E200
NO   acotil_extra   RT   E200
NO   acotil_for_girls   RT   E200
NO   acotil_greens   RT   E200
NO   acotil_hot   RT   E200
NO   AeroFlame   RT   E200
NO   AeroMac   RT   E200
NO   AeroMetal   RT   E200
NO   Azure_Ultimate   RT   E200
NO   aZure_V2   RT   E200
NO   Blue_Bend   RT   E200
NO   Cabbie   RT   E200
NO   EscapePod   RT   E200
NO   Large_Font_Gloss   RT   E200
NO   Leafy   RT   E200
NO   leo01   RT   E200
NO   Miss_LED   RT   E200
NO   Nophun   RT   E200
NO   Ocean   RT   E200
NO   Passion   RT   E200
NO   PlainBrown-AA   RT   E200
NO   Plain_Blue   RT   E200
NO   Plain_Brown   RT   E200
NO   Plain_Text   RT   E200 --use Plain_Text_VP
NO   Plain_Text_Night   RT   E200
NO   PurpleHaze   RT   E200
NO   Silver   RT   E200
NO   Sky2   RT   E200
NO   Sky2AA   RT   E200
NO   TheWire   RT   E200
NO   Wisp   RT   E200
NO   Wmario   RT   E200
NO   WVA   RT   E200
NO   Zune   RT   E200
NO   BigAqua   RT   E200
NO   Bold_Aqua   RT   E200
NO   Cassette   RT   E200
NO   COWON   RT   E200
NO   E200   RT   E200
NO   E200_AA   RT   E200
NO   iPod_Vision   RT   E200
NO   iPod_Vision_OSX   RT   E200
NO   Illidan   RT   E200
NO   Ajant_Orange   RT   E200
NO   AquaGreen   RT   E200
--even more--
YES   Plain_Text_VP   WPS   E200
YES   amarok   WPS   E200
YES   Rockbuntu   WPS   E200
YES   The_Red   WPS   E200
YES   ScreamingOprah   WPS   E200
YES   simple   WPS   E200
YES   arboxWidgets_S   WPS   E200

NO   Wisp   WPS   E200
NO   parilis-svn-1.0   WPS   E200
NO   2001   WPS   E200
NO   AllOverMe   WPS   E200
NO   BrokenGlass   WPS   E200
NO   cabbie2-sansa   WPS   E200

NO*1   Razor   WPS   E200
NO*1   rockboxed-176x220x24   WPS   E200
MISSING ART   simple-aa   WPS   E200
*1 This has not been fixed by myself

At this point, all of the WpsSansaE200 have been checked.
I haven't fixed Razor yet,  I don't see the purpose of updating the wiki's version of rockbox as it seems identical to the version included in official builds.

I've now downloaded all of the WpsSansaE200 themes to confirm that they work.   they do.    well... maybe the ROCKBOXed and Cabbie v2 themes don't work... but come on, they're included in the daily builds.

Oh yeah, Razor doesn't work yet either.
I'll be taking a few days or maybe a week before resuming the themes.