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Title: Alternate AA Image (show 2 cover sizes, backcover, inlays, etc)
Post by: spike66 on July 28, 2008, 06:52:51 PM
The idea of this feature would be to give more flexibility to the use of album art images, by making possible to handle two different images simultaneously; in that way, it would be possible to pre-load and then display according to the WPS design and creativity:

- Two different sizes of album art, and use say a 100x100 in the normal WPS, and a 200x200 AA when using the lock button (conditional viewports would even allow alternating AA images/information distribution under quite a number of circumstances)

- Simultaneosly to the front cover, it would be possible to display back covers, single covers, inlays, band pictures...)

- If extended to the "next track" as the second image loaded, it would make possible to display a bigger now-playing album art image, and say a smaller next-track album art image.