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Title: E280R delay hitting next song(AAC?)
Post by: gottahavit on July 02, 2008, 11:20:56 PM
I've finally got around to installing rockbox on my e280r(yes it's and R), and I love with one exception and I'm hoping someone can tell me if it is just a performsnce issue on this device or if I am doing something wrong.

When I am playing a playlist(or just an album) and I hit next imediately after a song starts often it will delay before moving to the next song.  On the screen it moves and you can see it delay displaying the track info.  It shows the file name and the root/root in the display then it will show the track info and eventually stop playing the last song and move on.  If I keep doing this while it's catching up it can get pretty far behind.  It seems to eb much more pronounced when playing high bitrate AAC. This probably won't keep me from using RockBox but it is annoying.  Is this just too much for the processor/software at this point or am I doing something wrong?