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Title: Sansa e200 Files disappeared - solved
Post by: mitchlr on January 16, 2008, 08:23:59 AM
Posting this message just to help in case someone else has the same experience.

Got a Sansa e200 series for Christmas.  Love it, but it didn't do Ogg files or bookmark (the latter are particularly important for me, since I use my player primarily for spoken word audio, not music.

Yesterday I copied a folder onto my Sansa w/ Rockbox, booted up, and all songs had vanished.  They were there in MSC mode in the folder in Windows, and my Ubuntu desktop could also see them.  Booted into the Sansa firmware and they were also visible, but Rockbox could see only folders, not the audio files themselves.

Having previously put files into the Music directory, I had the experience of the Sansa firmware flagging them all as read-only and hidden, but this was weeks ago.  Since, I've kept my sound files in a Data directory not under Music, so the Sansa leaves it alone.

Went to this forum, searched, found a recommendation to go to:
General Settings
File View
Show Files

Once I selected "All" the files showed back up again.

Don't know why or how they disappeared, but getting them back was simple enough.  Hope this helps anyone else who has a similar experience.

Rockbox rocks!  It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn good!