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Title: Viewports
Post by: GodEater on December 18, 2007, 04:13:11 AM
The biggest reason perhaps for a lot of WPS authors favourite patches not ever making it into the core of Rockbox has been "will be obsolete when Viewports are implemented".

A lot of people are probably annoyed that they still don't exist yet. A wiki page was setup quite a while ago now describing the features of Viewports ( but up till now no-one has really stepped up to the plate to actual work on implementing them.

Today I posted an initial design ( for them in the wiki that linuxstb cooked up a few weeks ago. I'm drawing attention to it here in the hopes that various authors of current patches that won't be accepted into SVN will see this as an opportunity to pitch in and start helping out with the implementation of this much awaited / anticipated feature of Rockbox.

By all means use this thread to discuss things about the design / features of Viewports - but please try to keep information that will become static to the Wiki Page itself.