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Title: Getting started.
Post by: CircusBear on September 10, 2007, 02:29:30 AM
I just received a Sansa e260r and have been working on trying to get rockbox installed. I own a PC running Win XP, but the main reason for installing rockbox would be to use it on my Mac running OSX 10.4.10. Using the PC, I unzipped .rockbox in the players main directory. However once I load up Sanspatcher.exe I continue to get [ERR] no E200s found, aborting/make sure your players in UMS mode (sidenote: same as MSC?) enter to exit sanspatcher. Am I going about this wrong, is my player incompatible? please help I really want to bling my sansa  ;D
Title: Re: Getting started.
Post by: GodEater on September 10, 2007, 02:59:43 AM
Your problem is you're trying to use the vanilla e200 installation instructions with an e200r series player. See the heaps of other threads in this very forum for links on what you need to do to get Rockbox on your player.

PS - Your reason for installing it makes no sense to me. Why would having Rockbox on it make any more sense if you're using a Mac ?