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Title: RIO Nitrus
Post by: alwrmcusn on September 09, 2007, 10:29:59 AM
I ran across the Rockbox site in the October 2007 issue of PCWorld magazine. A quick look at the site and now I have some questions.
1. Is Rockbox a software player or a firmware modification software?
2. I do not find my old RIO Nitrus (I really like this little player!) listed. Will Rockbox work with my RIO Nitrus?
I just a week or so ago finished ripping my entire CD collection to an external HD. I used WMA and MP3 320kbps. (I found that DRM seems to affect the burning of the WMA files and then they do not play on my cars USB connection) Will rockbox allow me to "convert" these files to FLAC or will I have to re-rip the entire collection of approximately 350 CDs? Thank you.
Title: Re: RIO Nitrus
Post by: krazykit on September 09, 2007, 10:32:55 AM
1.  It's a replacement for the original firmware.
2.  If it's not listed, it's not supported.  You're welcome to read the stickies in the New Ports forum and start work on the Nitrus, however.

You cannot convert lossy files to FLAC and expect a quality increase.  If you want your music in FLAC, you'll want to re-rip your entire collection.  (After having done so, you can easily convert from FLAC to mp3 for your portable players).