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Title: Database/tagnavi question
Post by: rhinobanga on June 12, 2007, 08:59:16 AM
Hi Folks,

I was wondering of some of you knowledgable people could take some time out and answer my questions.

I'm using rb version r13592-070608 on my 80gb iPod.   I have my MP3 tracks on my hdd like so:

   Artist\Year - Album\Track

And all my tracks have loads of tags set including the artist, album, title, cd number, total number of tracks, recording year and release year set.

So I built my database and I've tried to emulate the above in the tagnavi.config file like this:

  # Basic format declarations
  %format "fmt_album"       "%04d %s" year album
  # Define the title of the main menu
  %menu_start "main" "Browse by..."
  "Artist"   -> artist   -> album = "fmt_album" -> title = "fmt_title"

(Yes, I know I should be using tagnavi_custom.config but I wanted to quickly test this)

Now the year token is being displayed as 00-2 when I jump down into the album list, which makes me suspect that the database is either not pulling out the year field correctly or the year field is not in the database at the "album" level (i.e. I assume you have an album entry which contains links to the individual tracks for the album).

Any ideas?

If it''s not at the album level could it be added, for example take all the tracks in the "album" and average out the year and I suppose for completeness you could add a minyear and maxyear also.

Next, I have noticed that quite a few of my tracks are missing from the database and in some cases whole albums are missing.   Under the various "" categories there are quite a few entries however the tags are correct since a) the iPod can "see" the missing albums and both JR Media Center v12.0.251 and WMP v11 can successfully build their databases from the tracks.   Also Helium2 reports no problems with the tags or MP3s.

Any ideas?

If no-one can help could someone point me to some docs/Wiki page on how to get and compile the rockbox source so I can debug my issues (I'm a Windows/Unix C/C++ programmer).   I presume it has an emulator?


Title: Re: Database/tagnavi question
Post by: rhinobanga on June 12, 2007, 10:22:18 AM
Well I found out where the docs are: