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Title: database inserting order
Post by: bblackmoor on June 12, 2007, 08:19:33 AM
I am a new Rockbox user, and I am very impressed with it (it's the reason I bought an 80gb  iPod instead of a 60gb Vision M when I recently ran out of room on my 40gb Zen Touch).

I am using the standard iPod Video build for the 5g 80gb iPod Video (version r13605-070610).

Under General Settings > Playback, "Shuffle" is set to "No".

When I go to Database > Artist > (hold select) > Insert, and then go to view the current playlist, the songs are inserted randomly. At least, it appears random to me. They are not in alphabetical order by filename. They are not in order of track number. They are not in album order. They are not in any order that I can discern.

All of my albums are in directories like so:


All of my songs within those directories are named like so, including the name of the artist, the name of the album, the track number, and the track name:


All of the ID3 tags (V1 and V2) are set, including track number (although from what I have  read it appears that  Rockbox does not look at the ID3 tags when inserting).

When I insert from the Files menu, they appear to be inserted in the correct order (presumably because of the naming convention I use for the individual tracks). However, if I were to select Feebles from the Database menu, and click Playlist > Insert, the songs from the three Feebles albums are inserted into the current playlist all mixed up. Both the tracks and the albums themselves are completely intermixed, like so:


Is this intended behavior? Is there a way to insert from the database interface and have the inserted songs sorted in some kind of order?